Sweet Pork Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw (Gluten Free)

Doesn’t that sound yummy!?? Oh it is. This combination of sweet pork and crunchy cilantro lime slaw is killer.

I found the recipe through Our Best Bites. They were doing a series on another crafty blog called Make it and Love it.  As soon as I saw the recipe, I put all the ingredients on my shopping list. I love that I can make the meat in the crock pot, do the slaw earlier in the day and then let the flavors marry, and assemble simple tacos when the dinner time craziness begins. The kids and husband loved these!

So, head on over to Make it and Love it HERE and make this for dinner sometime soon. In order to ensure it is gluten free, just make sure your Enchilada sauce is GF and use corn tortillas. I also added some halved cherry tomatoes to our tacos.  So good.

And if you are crafty, have a look around that blog. I’m amazed at what that lady does with fabric and craft supplies! I am not gifted like that. If you are, have a blast and make some of her fun things.

Enjoy your dinner!


2 responses to “Sweet Pork Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw (Gluten Free)

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  2. This is a family favorite now. I make this on the weekend and there are always plenty of leftovers for lunch for my 3 boys. I heat the meat in the morning and put it in a thermos. I use my gas stove to “grill” a few corn tortillas and then wrap in foil. Then at lunch, they build the taco. Thanks so much for the wonderful recipes!

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