Gluten Free Dinner Rolls!

I have a very important announcement. Thanks to the suggestion of Carrie (Gingerlemongirl), I tried a new recipe for dinner rolls. The announcement is that they are FABULOUS! I have had so many bad or barely average GF breads that honestly my hopes were not very high, despite the delicious looking photos I had seen of these rolls. The recipe comes from Jeanne, at Art of Gluten Free Baking.  (Her blog used to be the Four Chickens blog but she changed the name).

I made these about a month ago, but changed the flour combinations because I didn’t have exactly what her recipe calls for. MISTAKE! They were not that good. They turned out heavy and not light and fluffy like hers.  So disappointed. I have been gathering the flours needed and finally finished most of my Christmas baking and had time to make them this week. As I watched them rise, my heart lept. Those of you who have baked GF know this level of excitement when you realize that a recipe is going to turn out correctly! I even called my mom and told her to come over and try them with me.

Sweet goodness!!! They are (were!)  wonderful. I ate two right out of the oven and immediately called my friend, Shannon, who is also GF and told her to come pick some up. I then made up a plate with a few of them to drop off at another GF friend’s house. I was dying for someone else to appreciate the goodness of these rolls.

Here is what is fantastic about these:

1) They don’t taste gluten free!

2) They are good hot or cold and even after a couple days! So many GF breads I have tried are decent when fresh but turn into the equivalent of rocks by day 2.  I forced myself to put two aside and try them on day 3. Still delicious!

3) They are not that hard to make. Yes, you need some specific flours but they are not too difficult to come by. I have made breads that are much more involved and labor intensive. These are do-able.

4) They have a great crisp exterior and a soft interior. . . like they are supposed to!

Ok, so is that enough reasons for you to try them?? I sure hope so. I am not going to repost the recipe. Go over to Jeanne’s blog HERE and enjoy! Make sure you look around at her other recipes. She has a lot of good ones.

I should also tell you that, yesterday, I used this dough, revised (sweetened) a tiny bit, to make cinnamon rolls. And you are going to be BLOWN away by how good they are. I made these before I realized that Jeanne has a recipe for cinnamon rolls on her blog. I’m not sure I’ll get around to trying it just yet, because the ones I made were soooo good. I will post the recipe soon with some yummy looking pictures. I hope to get it up by tomorrow because you absolutely MUST have Christmas morning cinnamon rolls this year! You must.

Happy Holidays!


4 responses to “Gluten Free Dinner Rolls!

  1. We love Jeanne’s recipes! I have made her pie crust, her graham crackers and many more. Love her dinner rolls . Her hot cross buns are excellent too!

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  3. Is this still your favorite recipe to use for cinnamon rolls? Or is there one you like better now? I still haven’t found one I am super happy with in 7 years of being GF!

  4. To follow up my comment, I made this recipe into cinnamon rolls and it was amazing! I will make it again and again! Thank you! I’ve also been making your pizza crust for probably 5 years now– just made it again last night. It’s my go-to.

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