Lollie Cakes

So, in the last few weeks I have started making something new  (to me). . . cake pops. It all started when I decided to try making Hello Kitty cake pops for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. They turned out cute.  Certainly not perfection, but the kids loved them and it was fun to have something different from your standard sheet cake or cupcakes. Plus, I didn’t need plates and forks and there was no waste since each one is a perfect amount.

A friend asked me to make some for her son’s kindergarten party and from there a little business has blossomed. I am now taking orders for what I am calling “Lollie Cakes” and I’m having so much fun doing it. I had a couple of big orders last weekend and am now filling some smaller ones for 20, 30, etc.

It has become a great little creative outlet for me while I am home with the kids and it fills a unique niche in our community. I’m getting more adventurous with them and regularly coming up with new ideas. And while I love making these for anyone, I’m dying to find some customers who need GLUTEN FREE Lollie Cakes. If you know of anyone, please point them my way. I am able to ship them and of course, people can pick them up locally. I know these would be so fun for a fellow GF person to enjoy. The inside is so moist and delicious.  I seriously can’t believe they are GF.

My (other) website  is:

If you are interested in getting some of these, my email is or you can find “Lollie Cakes” on Facebook.


2 responses to “Lollie Cakes

  1. The cutest and yummiest ever !!!

  2. These look fantastic!

    Loved your recipe on today. Have linked your blog to mine.

    Good luck with the lollie cakes!


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