Cream of Chicken Soup (Gluten Free)

This will open up worlds of recipes for you.  It did for me. When I went gluten free, I realized that many of the easy casseroles I had made before I could no longer make since commercial cream of chicken soup is full of gluten (not to mention other weird stuff).  How many recipes have you made that call for those canned cream soups? Probably lots. I eventually went on a quest to make it myself and couldn’t believe how easy it was. All you need is butter, some flour (gf if neccessary), chicken broth/stock, and cream/milk.  That’s it.  And would you believe if I told you it could be made in less than 6 minutes?!? In the time it takes you to open that can from the grocery and scoop out the goopy mess inside, you can add about three minutes and make your own much healthier, fresher cream of chicken (or mushroom) soup.  You really need to do it. Your family will thank you.  Their tummies will be happy and you will feel better about what you put in those tummies.

I make a batch of this and either use it for a quick casserole like my Chicken Pot Pie (recipe for that is next!) or Chicken Divan or I divide it up in containers and freeze it for another time.

Cream of Chicken Soup (Gluten Free)

1 stick of butter

1 large onion diced (optional, but it imparts great flavor so I encourage you not to leave it out)

1  cup white or brown rice flour (ALL purpose flour if you don’t need GF)

6 cups hot chicken broth/stock

1/3 cup cream (or milk if you want a lighter version)

So, here we go. . .

Melt the butter in a pot on your stove. *If you like onions, which we do, saute a chopped onion in this melted butter for about 5 minutes.  Then proceed…   Stir in the flour and cook for approx 2 minutes stirring constantly.  Meanwhile, warm your chicken broth/ stock.  It should be really hot, but doesn’t need to be boiling. I do mine in the microwave but you can do it in a smaller pot on your stove if you wish.  I pour 5 cups of water in a bowl and add in the necessary # of boullion cubes or spoonfulls of Better Than Boullion to make my stock. Then I get it all hot and dissolved in the microwave.

After cooking your butter/flour mixture for 2 minutes, add in the hot broth/stock and whisk to make sure it is all combined.  Do this quickly to get rid of any lumps.  Now, let is simmer for about 2-3 minutes to thicken.  Stir in your milk or cream.  You are done!  You can taste it now and add salt and pepper to your personal preference.  I usually add a teaspoon of salt, 1/2 tsp of pepper, and a couple shakes of garlic powder.  That is how we like it.  But it is fine without any of that.

Don’t buy that other stuff any more.  At least consider making your own.  And let your kids help you.  Mine love watching it thicken up and then helping me taste it. 🙂

Did I mention this is WAY WAY WAY cheaper too??

ps. If you want cream of mushroom soup, use vegetable broth/stock and stir in a cup of finely diced mushrooms at the very end.


35 responses to “Cream of Chicken Soup (Gluten Free)

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  2. This is my favorite recipe because it not only tastes sooooo good, but it puts Casseroles back on Gluten Free tables. Thank you so much for this recipe! We were glad to feature it on Our viewers are going to have Happy Tummy’s for sure!

    Gluten Free Life TV

  3. Thanks for this recipe. I have been searching for one for a long time and makes me very excited to try it. Question for you…What is the serving size for this recipe?

  4. I could kiss you!!!! I, too, have missed all my easy casseroles since going GF and with the holidays coming up, I was REALLY going to be missing them! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!


  5. Mandy,
    So glad I could help you! Hearing comments like yours is why I enjoy blogging. I have been able to enjoy so many recipes again due to being able to make cream of chicken soup. Hope it opens up new food choices for you too! Thanks for commenting.

  6. Brenda Sichenzia

    Can you freeze this recipe with success.

  7. Yes, Brenda, it freezes wonderfully! I have a number of containers of it frozen and it is so easy to pull it out, defrost, and use in casseroles and soups. Makes so many recipes much faster and easier! Hope that helps.

  8. I was looking for a place to purchase canned GF cream of chicken soup when I came across your recipe. I was so happy to find it. Just as the others commented, this opens up a whole list of recipes that have been collecting dust since I’ve been cooking GF. Thanks so much.

  9. Beth, hope you have fun making lots of your old favorites! would love to hear back from you how things turn out. 🙂

  10. I was so thrilled to find your recipe for the cream of chicken soup. I had just found a new recipe that sounded great, but was unsure about where to get the soup. Did a little checking and found you by way of the which is also a new site for me. My granddaughter has Celiac’s so we are extremely careful with her food and this has opened up a whole new world of possibilites of things to try. Thanks so much.

  11. Kathy, glad you are getting to use this recipe to make good food for your granddaughter. It makes eating casseroles and other favorites possible again. Thanks for the feedback!

  12. This worked really well and made a good bit as well. Froze the remaining in “can sized” servings so they are ready to go next time I want to make something saucy : )

  13. Can you use a GF all purpose flour instead of rice flour? That is all I have on hand (Bob’s Red Mill) and am wondering if it would work just the same.

    • Yes, Laure, that should work fine. Sometimes the all purpose flours use bean flour and leave a bit of a strange taste in my mouth but other people like them fine. It is really a matter of personal preference. In the future though, i would stick with reg rice flour or tapioca b/c the all purpose flour blend may have xanthan gum which you don’t need in this recipe.

  14. Love your cream of chicken recipe. I like to make casseroles using pasta (like chicken tetrazini). Could you recommend a pasta that holds up when baked in the oven. Deboles no boil lasagna noodles are good for lasagna , but that’s it.

  15. Beth, have you tried Tinkyada’s brown rice pasta? It is my very favorite pasta and behaves the most like regular gluten filled pasta. I have baked it and had no problems. Just don’t over cook it.

  16. Trish aka german_girl_with_curls

    Thank you! This turned out great! This is bar far the best ‘cream of’ grluten free and non-condensed version I’ve ever made. I love that it’s a large recipe that will get me through at least 2 casseroles. My husband is from Zimbabwe and doesn’t ‘get’ food made with soup, lol. I’m originally from Germany and although we ate rich foods that didn’t use things such as cream soup, I grew up mostly in the US with my southern grandmother who used a lot of cream soups for he dishes. They were incredibly tasty, but I’m sensitive to the gluten and chemicals as I get older found in these soups. This tasted so much better anyway, and I’m going to use it in a chicken and rice casserole dish.
    Trish xx

  17. Trish aka german_girl_with_curls

    And I forgot to add that only used a little over half the fat and subbed in almond milk for the cream. In place of the butter I used 3 Tbsp. of Earth Balance (all-natural buttery spread, the soy-free version) and 2 Tbsp. of EVOO. The taste was still fantastic and rich.

  18. I can’t wait to try this! I’ve been asked to bring saucy meatballs for Christmas Eve, however, I’ve had to change the way I make them because my mom is gluten intolerant. Trying to find a good recipe has been crazy & of course trying to find gluten free cream of chicken soup in the stores is crazier. I’ve used corn starch in the place of flour for many recipies, with much luck. Can I use that for this?

  19. yes , very glad i found this site. ? can u use swason chicken broth instead of the cubes. my sis n law makes her dressing at christmas with cream of chicken so i don’t get any .now maybe i can thanks

  20. Yvonne, any chicken broth that is GF is fine in place of the cubes. just read the labels carefully b/c some of them do contain gluten. I am PRETTY sure swanson is Gf, but just check again to be sure. Hope you get to make (and EAT!) some dressing. 🙂

    • Thanks for the recipe! However, could you give the serving size for the batch the recipe makes? Can’t wait to try it 🙂

  21. Thank you so much for creating this! I.m going to fixure out how to also twekinto cream of celery soup because there is an amazing hashbrown casserole recipe that the cream of celery gives a deeper flavor to. Try the casserole though… Easy! 1 Bag shredded hashbrowns, 8oz Cream of celery soup, 8oz Sour cream (I use light or fat free) 1 small white onion diced (maybe can leave out due to onions in soup when you make it) 1/3 roll of Jimmy dean regular sausage or use bacon if you desire to taste. 8 oz 4 Cheese Blend. Sautee onion & sausage together. Put potatoes, soup, sour cream, cheese, sausage & onions in bowl & mix, in a 9×13 casserole dish spread mixture, put little dots of butter on top of mixture, then cover with more cheese (u can use any cheese u like. I think the 4 cheese blend makes it a,lil more lux) Bake on 350 til Golden Brown. I serve this at dinner w/ BBQ Chicken & Italian Green Beans when my boyfriend comes for movie night sometimes. Left overs are AMAZING for breakfast with eggs :0)

  22. Found you in a Google search. My sister can’t have gluten and was quite disappointed to think that she couldn’t have my famous (at least in my family!) green chile chicken enchiladas when she comes to visit in a couple of weeks. Except now she can, as I plan on making them with your cream of chicken soup instead of canned.

  23. Ok, maybe I’m skimming to fast, but did anyone answer the question about how many serving sizes this recipe makes? Like how many regular cans of cream of chicken soup does this recipe make? Thanks! Can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  24. Just made this and it is AWESOME! I can’t stop digging bits out of the pan I used! I converted it to using 4 cups of broth and I have about 6 cups of soup. Next time I think I’ll have some prepared shredded chicken to put in it at the end as well.

  25. Can you use sweet rice flour?

  26. This is any Celiac’s dream come true!!!! Thanks for the recipe!!! I just made it and cannot wait to have chicken divan after 2 very long years!!!

  27. What do you mean by a stick of butter? How much is that exactly?

  28. 1 stick of butter is 1/2 a cup.

  29. Pam, I would not use sweet rice flour. i think it will make it too gummy b/c the texture of it is very different. stick with regular rice flour if possible.

  30. I usually end up with about 6-7 cups of soup.

  31. Has anyone tried canning the soup? If so, did you need to use a pressure cooker or use a hot water process?

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  33. can you use soy flour

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